“Courtesy of the Author”

They say the world has no way
But there is always something that can be done
Even from evil, a good can be taken
Of an error, you can take a hit
Of a mistake, a fix
And a little love everyone has

Solidarity elevates the soul
Makes anyone a giant
Who loves a little forgives

But for the very hurt soul
Who thinks death hurts less than life
Only a very deep love
With the strength of a giant
Makes the soul heal
To take life forward.



“Photo by Jakayla Toney on Unsplash”

In this life, everything is maybe
The only certainty is death
That maybe it is the luck
From those who got to be already happy
Maybe it will rain
Maybe not
Maybe he will come back
But the love that didn’t work
Can be liberation
Maybe I’ll regret doing this or that
Or having done nothing.

Maybe with a good north, I’ll get there
And realize that my luck was here
Maybe the phone rings
And someone gives good news
Maybe I’ll know some poet
Who may teach me
To make rare and rich troves
Maybe I’ll understand
That the certainty would be fatal
And that the maybe can be great
Maybe I’ll learn the power of silence
Facing life that is the most serious mystery
And rich in whys
Maybe. Maybe.



Misa Ferreira de Rezende

I write because the world enchants me, death frightens me and life amazes me. I am a writer. “About me” stories